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What will happen when I arrive at Amethyst?

  • On arrival in Amethyst a trained crisis worker will welcome you and explain what will happen next.
  • If you have reported the assault to the police a Specially Trained Officer will obtain detailed information from you including your name and address and will confirm an initial account of the incident.
  • The police officer will speak to the Forensic Medical Examiner (FME) who will be carrying out your examination. This will enable the FME to carry out the best examination for you.
  • With your consent a medical examination will take place. The purpose of this examination is to gather forensic evidence which can be used by the police to help identify the person who assaulted you. This evidence could then be used in court.
  • A crisis worker will remain with you during your time in Amethyst to provide you with support; they will also be present to support you and assist the FME during the examination.

What happens during the examination?

  • Before the examination the crisis worker will explain what will happen and can help with any worries or issues.
  • The FME will ask you about the assault and document this information. You will also be asked to sign the necessary consent forms and these will be explained to you.
  • During the examination the Forensic Medical Examiner (FME) will measure your height, weight and may need to take a blood and urine sample.
  • Some of your clothing may need to be seized as part of gathering evidence.
  • The medical will be from ‘top to toe’ and will take the appropriate samples. The crisis worker will assist with the samples in accordance with very strict guidelines.
  • If appropriate the FME can give emergency contraception, Hepatitis B vaccination and PEPSE (a HIV prevention treatment if you are deemed to be at risk).

After the examination

  • You have the option of having a shower in Amethyst.
  • You will be given information about other services available.
  • An appointment can be arranged, if required, for you to attend a sexual health check up either in Amethyst or at a clinic most convenient for you.