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Involving the police

You don’t have to report the incident but if you do decide to involve the police you should try to do this as soon as possible. You will be responded to in a supportive way and an investigation started immediately in order for all the evidence available to be collected to support your case for criminal prosecution.

A police officer will visit and speak to you to obtain information about the offence. Depending on when the offence was committed and your needs, they will convey you to the Amethyst Centre for a Forensic Medical Examination if relevant and you are in agreement. The aim of this is to collect vital evidence.

After you have the Forensic Medical Examination and at an appropriate time for YOU the police will arrange to complete a video interview so a full and comprehensive account of the incident can be recorded.

A Specially Trained Officer will keep you regularly updated with the progress of your case.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will decide whether a person will be charged with a criminal offence and prosecuted at court.