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If you have been raped or sexually assaulted:

  • You can report the assault to the police.
    Click here for more information on involving the police.

  • If you are unsure about reporting to the police, you can contact Amethyst to discuss your options.
    You can refer yourself to Amethyst.
    You can ring us us to make an appointment.
    Simply call 0808 156 3658 to speak to a trained crisis worker who will provide you with information.
    If you need urgent information or advice out of office hours you will be able to speak to a crisis worker. They will advise about attending Amethyst Centre.
    Click here to find out what happens when you attend Amethyst.

If the assault took place in the last seven days

Talk to Amethyst, we can advise you.

Depending on the circumstances it may be appropriate for you to have a forensic medical examination to save possible evidence, while you are considering your options.
In order to secure any evidence while you decide upon your options, you should:

  • Avoid washing
  • If the assault involved oral penetration do not have anything to eat or drink or clean teeth
  • Gather clothing worn at the time and put in separate bags to avoid cross contamination
  • Keep any sanitary pads or tampons worn at the time or shortly after the assault
  • If you haven’t passed urine, save a specimen if possible to bring to the Amethyst Centre
  • Any incident related messages on your phone or computer i.e. Facebook should be saved as potential evidence.
  • Keep any bedding or condoms associated with the incident

If you have been sexually assaulted more than seven days ago

  • Talk to Amethyst, we can advise you.
    If the assault was weeks, months or years ago we can still offer you support, such as:
    • Referral to a counsellor or other support services if appropriate
    • Advice on sexual health screening
    • Information on police involvement